Zach Bitter

Zach Bitter

Professional Competitive Runner

Marinette, Wisconsin

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Zach Bitter is a 27-year-old resident of Marinette, Wisconsin who loves to run all types of terrain including road, trail, and mountain. He enjoys all distances of racing from 5K up to ultramarathons. Zach’s strengths and focus are currently with ultramarathon distances. His training regularly exceeds 100 miles per week, with workouts that include long runs, tempo runs, fartleks, pick-ups, and hills. In addition, he loves to incorporate cross training activities including biking, swimming, plyometrics, core, and lunges.

Zach relies on effective nutritional products from NOW and a healthy diet to keep him motivated and in top form. With 5,669.67 miles logged in 2012 and greater distances planned in the future, it’s absolutely vital for him to carefully monitor his diet to assure he’s receiving all the nutrients required for recovery and energy. NOW has been essential in helping him stay active and reaching his goals.

Why I’m a NOW Ambassador

I teach middle school, so my days are busy with early morning as well as late afternoon/evening training sessions that bookend my day job. Teaching has me on my feet all day, so I’m rarely sitting still. My day-to-day energy demands require me to fuel early and often. NOW products help provide the building blocks I need to keep moving without wearing down. I turn to NOW to supply me with Vitamin D-3 & K-2 for proper calcium absorption as well as Alpha Lipoic Acid and CoQ10 for antioxidant and cardiovascular support. After long runs and races that surpass marathon distance I turn to Yucca Root, which helps curb minor acute aches and pains. I also enjoy other NOW products, such as Fruit & Green PhytoFoods. When cooking I love to use NOW’s organic coconut oil for its high smoke point, which allows me to cook without damaging the healthy fats and proteins in my whole foods.


[section title=”Featured Workout”]

• Fastest 50 mile time in the United States in 2011 (5 hours 26 minutes 52 seconds)
• USATF 50 Mile Road National Champion at Tussey Mountainback
• Victories at Mad City 50k (course record) and Ice Age 50 Mile
• 15th place finish at the Western States 100 (debut 100 mile race)

[section title=”Featured Workout”]

Monday – 15 miles, easy pace
Tuesday – (Morning) 14 miles with speed; (Evening) 10 miles, easy pace
Wednesday – (Morning) 12 miles, easy pace; (Evening) 11 miles, easy pace
Thursday – 21 mile hill workout
Friday – 10.5 miles, easy pace
Saturday – (Morning) 19 miles, tempo run; (Evening) 5 miles, shakeout run
Sunday – 24 miles, long run

[section title=”Daily Supplementation”]

Morning – (with breakfast) one scoop each of Fruit & Greens Phytofoods and Spirulina Powders, one capsule Vitamin D3 & K2

Evening – One scoop each of Fruit & Greens Phytofoods and Spirulina Powders

[section title=”Pre/Post Workout Nutrition”]

Post-Workout – Yucca 500 mg and Curcumin 450 mg

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