Pat Kellner

Pat KellnerProfessional Kayak Angler

Rocksprings, Texas

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I’m Pat Kellner a 27 year old professional kayak angler living in Rocksprings, Texas. I fish tournaments, guide, instruct, and fish for enjoyment. Successful kayak fishing requires excellent fitness and good health. To keep fit I run around 20 miles a week as well as do strength training exercises.

I also believe in good nutrition and I use NOW products for additional nutritional support. NOW has been my protein and recovery drink of choice the past year due to the Natural aspects of NOW’s products. Being concerned with fitness, I have always used proteins and recovery drinks but I have also been concerned with the health and environmental impacts of the products I was using. About a year ago I discovered NOW and I switched to NOW protein and recovery drinks because they are natural. I don’t like the idea of putting GMOs or lab created ingredients into my diet. I have used NOW’s products ever since and with great results, I might add. I have continued to increase my strength and endurance that has allowed me to paddle further and faster, and maintain comfort and concentration, something that is often lacking in unfit kayak anglers, throughout my tournaments and week-long river fishing excursions.

ambass_Pat_Kellner_port.jpgI have fished my entire life, but I never fished like most anglers around me. I was always very concerned with protecting both the fish and the water where I fished. After graduating high school, I began my career as a tournament bass angler. I traveled from lake to lake competing against other fisherman for different prizes and money. It always bothered me the way that my fellow anglers only desired money and fame, and would do anything (even at the expense of the environment, the fish they tried to catch, and other fishermen) to win. This absolute disregard for their environmental impact, or for fellow anglers drove me away from fishing all together. But fishing was in my soul and I soon fell back in love with the sport I grew up with when I discovered fly fishing and kayak fishing. The anglers who participated in these two, often combined, sports very often had ideals that fell in line with my own. Since discovering kayak fishing about 8 years ago I have witnessed the sport explode in popularity for several reasons, including affordability, access to water, health and fitness, and environmental concerns. I have been participating in several Kayak fishing tournament trails and have used my position as a pro-angler with Jackson Kayak, Bending Branches Paddles, and BioEdge Fishing, to continue to promote and grow the sport. Being physically fit has contributed greatly to my success, and NOW has been a big part of this.

Before a strength training or paddling workout, I take NOW® Amino Complete Capsules, and mix NOW® Electro Endurance™ and Recovery Drink Mix and sometimes a half scoop of NOW® Natural Vanilla Whey Protein in water. I take the same things before a run, but leave out the protein powder. During my workouts, I typically only drink water, however if I am feeling low on energy I sometimes mix in a little Electro Endurance™ for an energy boost.
After my workouts, or a long day on the water, I immediately drink a protein shake made with NOW® Whey Protein (usually the Dutch Chocolate) and skim milk. I then will mix some Electro Endurance™ with water again, and sip on that for a while. I have been more than happy with the Amino Complete Capsules, Whey Protein, and Electro Endurance™ and Recovery Drink Mix. I have become stronger, creating more powerful strokes when I paddle and increasing my core strength for balance and comfort while sitting or standing in my kayak. My endurance has also increased allowing me to paddle further without wearing down and maintaining my concentration. I also feel my workouts are better and often more effective when there is some Electro Endurance™ in my water. I plan to start using some NOW® supplements that will help further improve concentration, plus supplements for joint health.

I will be sharing my knowledge of NOW products at my fishing tournaments, pro-days, and guiding/instruction while encouraging fitness and nutritional support for those I meet and work with. I also plan to help share the NOW message through my websites, blogs, forums, and Facebook page. My blog is dedicated to Kayak fishing, the environment, and health and fitness. Plus I also have a professional kayak angler page.