Mike O’Donnell

Mike O'Donnell

Power Lifter

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Favorite Products:

Hi, I’m Mike O’Donnell a 34 year old full time Chiropractor in Fort Wayne, Indiana with an emphasis on sports performance and sports injury. Patients ask me about proper nutrition, training, and lifestyle habits every day. They want to know how they can optimize their health and performance to get more out of their training and life. Because of this, I’m in a position to help them make good decisions on which nutritional products to take. I take this responsibility very seriously. I recommend NOW® supplements to my patients because I trust the NOW® brand and the company behind the products.

In addition to my Chiropractic Practice, I am a 6-time national champion powerlifter. I lift in a drug free/WADA (Olympic standards) tested organization. Therefore, the quality of the supplements that I take is critical. Athletes in our organization (USA Powerlifting) are very selective about the quality standards of products that they use,Mike_O'D_squat.jpg and I feel very positive about the quality of the NOW® and NOW® Sports brands. There are several cases every year of athletes that take a tainted supplement and it adversely affects the outcome of their drug test. I look forward to becoming even more competitive at the national and international level and NOW® will be a part of my achieving those goals. I have competed in the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio as well as the FIBO Fitness Expo in Essen, Germany (largest fitness industry show in Europe) in addition to lifting in the national championships yearly. My best lifts are an 804 lb squat, a 529 lb bench press, and a 675 lb deadlift in the 242 lb class.

I originally got into exercise and lifting when I was 13 years old and an overweight sedentary kid. I built off that initial motivation and training and have now lived a healthy lifestyle for over 20 years. I am among the elite in my sport and profession, and NOW products have played a significant part in that. My dedication and persistence to training has developed qualities that I use every day in sport, business, and life. Every training day I have to bring my best to the gym. I need energy, strength, and recovery during a training session. On non-training days, I not only need maximal recovery but I need optimal rest as well. The NOW products that I use as my staples are Whey Protein Isolate, Glutamine, ZMA, and Tribulus and these help make sure that I’m at my best. I will also use other NOW products at times depending on need. I particularly like some of the adaptogenic herbs such as Ashwaganda.

In my professional role as a Chiropractic Physician I also serve as the doping control chairman for USA Powerlifting. Because of this, athletes ask me every day what brands of supplements they should take that are safe to use in strict drug testing environments. NOW is the brand that I point them to, because of the combination of excellent quality, product selection, effectiveness, and cost.