Melissa Stone-Cooney

Melissa Stone

Marathon Runner

Chicago, Illinois

Favorite Products:

Hiya! My name is Melissa Stone Cooney, 35 year old Elite marathon runner, working full time in a job that I love, a wife and and mom of one awesome 2.5 year old daughter. How do I balance it all, well, let’s just say it’s a marathon, not a sprint. First off, how did I get here? I am the epitome of beginner athlete turned fanatic. In High School and College I played soccer, but was never a much of a runner until 2005 when I decided to run my first marathon to check off my “Bucket List”. After running a 3:56, I was addicted. Over the next few years I continued to set personal records in all my races. I began cross training to break up the monotony and in 2008 completed my first triathlon. I fell in love with the sport, so of course, decided to do an Ironman and completed Ironman Wisconsin in September 2009 in 12 hours. When I moved to Chicago in 2011, I started training with CARA (Chicago Area Runners Association) and fell in love so much with what they stood for, that I ended up working for them. I had a great 4 years in Chicago working there and training with some really fast ladies who are still great friends. I recently moved back to Boston and training with the BAA, for Boston Marathon with a goal of 2:55 and will be using Now Products, to help me get there. Additionally I am the Director of Sales for Heatsheets, the finish blanket for marathons for over 35 years. I am excited to see where this takes me both racing and professionally. Find what you are passionate about and go after it!

While training for the 2009 Ironman Wisconsin I was able to work with a Nutritionist. What an amazing transition as I learned how to eat, how much to eat, when to eat and what supplements I needed in order to keep me going strong. This is when NOW came into my life. Morning, afternoon and before going to bed I made Whey Protein Isolate and Eggwhite Protein plus other NOW supplements a regular part of my daily nutritional regime. Not only did it help me be stronger, I also lost 20 lbs.

I love NOW’s products, especially Vanilla Whey Protein and all of the many supplements they continue to add to their list. I have at least one scoop of the protein powder a day in my smoothie. I have recommended the products to the many friends and family that I have that continue to ask me about what I am eating to keep me perform at my highest ability.

Fitness and motivating people has been my passion and hobby for years. I am an athlete who enjoys keeping fit and competing locally. I thrive off the atmosphere and energy at races, as well as the camaraderie found throughout the running community. I’m continuously learning as much as possible about health and wellness and enjoy sharing my passion with other people. My first hand knowledge of the discipline it takes to train and race is exactly what I bring to the table both personally and professionally.