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Laura Channell

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Hello, my name is Laura Channell, and I have a unique reason for wanting to become a NOW Ambassador. I’m a 40-year old mother of two, and I recently underwent a complete life transformation due to chronic sickness. A new diet and natural health products (NOW products were key), have played an integral role in my journey back to health and a good quality of life, and I want to inspire others with my story.

I have been divorced since 2004 and living as a single mom with a 50 hour or so work week career, 2 very busy kids, trying to have some sort of a social life while still maintaining my weight and fitness goals. It was extraordinarily stressful and really unsustainable long-term. My insistence that I should be able to have it all and pushing myself to do it all ran me into the ground.

ambass_laura_channell_family.jpgWhen my ex-husband lost his job, during the financial/ housing/ economic crisis which started in 2008, I lost all child support and this left the financial needs of our entire family, and a boat-load of additional stress, on me. This left me as the sole income earner during a credit crisis that lead to tremendous lay offs in my industry. I was terrified every day that I’d lose my job and be unable to support my kids.

My kids are involved in sports and are very active, so between work, social, and home responsibilities it was all I could do to keep up. I ate a “healthy” low-fat, high-carb diet that just made things worse, although I didn’t know it at the time. At the end of every day I was so exhausted and run-down that I started suffering adverse effects to my adrenal glands and my immune system. I can’t put into words how sick I was, or how difficult it was just to make it through each day.

Naturally I went to see my conventional doctor, as well as other doctors, who were absolutely no help at all. All they did was prescribe more drugs that really didn’t help. I was beaten down with nowhere to turn. I knew then that I needed to make a complete change in my life, but I was at a loss as far as what to do.

I’m not sure if it was divine intervention or what, but something prompted me to go see a natural health practitioner. That was the day everything changed for me. Instead of prescribing more drugs this doctor reviewed my lifestyle choices and helped me understand how devastating the combination of a poor diet and overwhelming stress can be to my health and well-being. He prescribed lifestyle modifications, including significant diet changes that included doing away with processed foods and eating more raw foods, as well as adding dietary supplements. All the symptoms I had before are now gone – every single one. I’m so re-energized and reinvigorated; I have a completely new outlook on life.

ambass_laura_channell_standing.jpgI’ve been so amazed at the positive impact my new diet has had in my life that I’ve now completely switched to a Paleolithic diet, also called the caveman or primal diet. This diet is focused on nutrition and real whole foods that nourish the body the way nature intended. I plan on using all I have learned through this struggle to help others discover the dramatic benefits a natural whole foods diet like the Paleo Diet can have in improving their own health and happiness. I have enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and will graduate as a Certified Health Coach. This will prepare me to share with others my new health approach with the right credentials and a lot of passion.

I was introduced to NOW products while researching diet options and natural health, and I feel I’ve benefitted greatly ever since I started taking them. I used Colostrum to reinvigorate my immune system, and Bee Pollen to help me regain my lost energy. I’ve used Candida Clear and other supplements when needed. I currently use the following NOW products on a daily basis – Omega-3, MCT Oil, Liquid B-12 Shots, and L-Carnitine Liquid. I also use NOW BetterStevia™ instead of artificial sweeteners to help control my sugar intake. Since I can’t have caffeine anymore these supplements really help keep my energy and blood sugar levels consistent.

Today I feel better than I ever have, and I want to share my story with others who may be experiencing poor health and energy as a result of their lifestyle. Changing my diet and adding NOW dietary supplements gave me back a quality of life I hadn’t experienced in years, and I know it can do the same for others. I recently launched a website/blog called, to share my experiences and favorite recipes. I hope to inspire others with my story and the knowledge I’ve gained on my journey back to health.