Kamm Davis

Kamm Davis

Endurance Athlete

St. George, Utah

Favorite Products:

My name is Kamm Davis and I live in St. George, Utah. I am 38 yrs. old and have been a competitive endurance athlete for five years.  I have competed in triathlon, road races (5ks to the marathon), and for the last several years I have raced ultra-marathons.  I have completed several 50k (31 mile) races, and two 50 mile races through mountains in Utah and Colorado.

In order to complete such an event, spending ten to eleven hrs. pushing your limits, you need enormous volumes of training.  I have found an edge that helps me to train harder and recover faster, and that has ultimately aided my racing performance. For the last two years, I have been supplementing with NOW® Sports supplements.

I have noticed a distinct difference in my overall training and performance due to consistent use of these quality products.  I consume D-Ribose powder before each workout and L-Glutamine powder and ZMA capsules post-workout for recovery. I also take daily doses of GPLC (GlycoCarn) which is very beneficial for an endurance athlete.  I also use 7 Keto to stay lean, which is extremely advantageous when my goal is to move my mass over a given distance as efficiently as possible.

Hard work is always the primary key to success. But the advantage I get from supplementation with NOW® brand products has definitely taken me to the next level.  I would highly recommend these products to anyone who is serious about maximizing their potential as an athlete.

*NOW sponsors and provides financial support for Kamm Davis for his triathlon competitions.