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I’m Cory Johnson and I started competing in road races 10 years ago. I slowly progressed from a 5k to a 10k on up to the marathon distance. That was when I found Triathlon and was immediately hooked. I began racing in every sprint and Olympic triathlon I could get to. The appeal of the longer distance eventually grabbed a hold of me, and I began racing the Half-Ironman and Ironman distance events.

As I began logging more and more hours of training week after week, it became apparent to me that I was missing something from my everyday diet. I researched supplements and began experimenting with different brands and products until I found NOW Foods products. They were the missing link in my training and nutrition to get me to that next level. I began taking NOW® Glutamine powder every morning and evening. I had NEVER noticed a difference in my workouts so rapidly and in such a positive direction as I did when I took the Glutamine supplement. It has been a staple of my daily regimen ever since.

I also began taking NOW® Whey protein isolate and ZMA capsules after extremely hard workouts. This combination of supplements and proper nutrition have helped me to recover and be ready to train just as hard the next day. I would like to thank NOW Foods for their products, which are an integral part of my training system, and for helping me achieve the goals that I set out for myself 5 yrs ago.


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2010 was a breakout year for me full of PRs and goals accomplished.

• I placed 10th overall and won my age group at the Showdown for Sundown Half Ironman event in Las Vegas
• Set a personal record at Ironman St. George
• Qualified for the 70.3 world championship at Ironman Boise 70.3


• I placed 37th overall in my first ever 50K ultra marathon
• I again won my age group at the Showdown for Sundown Half Ironman event
• I completed the Ironman St.George with another personal record