Cameron Dorn

Cameron Dorn

Triathlete & Distance Runner

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Hello, may name is Cameron Dorn and I’m a 23-year-old endurance athlete and distance runner with a passion for pushing the envelope and testing the limits of my abilities. It’s ironic that I’ve become such a passionate runner since I come from a football and basketball background; these are the two sports I focused on during my childhood, throughout high school, and into college. I was naïve enough to believe that, since a football field is 100 yards long, this was the longest distance I ever needed to worry about running.

During my first year of college (2006), I was working at a gym as a trainer and a co-worker told me one day “all you do is lift” – the challenge was on. He was a runner focused on endurance, and I was a weight lifter focused on power. So we challenged one another to switch workouts for a week to see how the other handled the change of pace. The first week he performed my typical workout and did just fine (without as much weight of course). The second week it was my turn to prove myself. He was training for a marathon at the time; my longest run up to this point was 4 miles, and it about killed me. I was able to handle his workout regimen, but the last day’s challenge was to run from the gym to my home – a 20 mile run! I finished the run in basketball shoes without stopping once, and I was hooked. I remember I immediately headed back out to buy myself some running shoes, but not before downing a whole box of Fruit Loops and experiencing horrible cramps all the way to the store. Let’s just say I quickly learned that sound nutrition was going to be an integral part of my new-found passion for running.

Since this challenge I’ve never looked back. I quickly gained All-American status and soon was gaining national championship recognition and respect from my peers in the triathlon community. • 2009-2012 Athlete and Coach at Team Kattouf.

I currently serve as a coach to athletes all over the United States and in 7 different countries. I also run 5K PR and Half Marathon PR races during the winter months. Last summer I summited Mount Rainier in Washington with help from NOW Foods D-Ribose!

NOW has contributed to my success by providing me with the tools I need maintain a consistent daily training regimen. This is something I had trouble with prior to starting nutritional supplementation with products such as D-Ribose and Tribulus Terrestris. I feel that by bringing these products into my daily routine I never get behind the 8-ball with my training and I’m able to maintain a more consistent regimen, which has led to my stellar success the past couple of years.

As a NOW Ambassador I plan on spreading the word about the positive impact of supplements through my webpage, my racing endeavors, and through my 2000+ Facebook friends who frequently ask for my advice regarding nutrition.



[section title=”Achievements”]

  •  2011 Duathlon National Champion (18-24 year age group)
  • USAT All-American 2009 Division II Collegiate National Champion
  • 2009 Upstate Y Triathlon Series Champion
  • 2009 Krispy Kreme Challenge Champion
  • 3-Time Top-5 Finish in the Set-Up Events South Carolina Triathlon Series
  • 2010 Team USA for South America ITU Racing
  • 14th Place Finish at the 2010 Ironman 70.3 World Championships (time of 4:11)
  • 2011 First Ironman (2nd age group – time of 9:56) Ironman Cozumel
  • 2011 Midnight 5K Reykjavik Iceland 1st Place Overall Winner
  • Over 20 1st Place Finishes at various triathlon/running races
  • Published in Endurance Planets’ “Tales of Endurance and Bravado”