Alexxa Condon

Alexxa Condon

Fitness Competitor

Naperville, Illinois

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Hello! My name is Alexxa Condon from Naperville, Illinois. I’m a 24-year-old paralegal working for a legal firm and studying to get into Law School. I’m also a fitness model and an NPC (National Physique Committee) bikini competitor and I’ve had great success using NOW products.

ambass_alexxa_condon_action.jpgMy father started me on the road to physical fitness early in life by signing me up for karate classes when I was 9 years old (sometimes I think he secretly wanted a boy, but he ended up with two girls). I knew how much my dad enjoyed watching my karate competitions so stuck with it until I was 18 years old. I had earned my black belt when I was only 16. Karate was a great springboard to life-long physical fitness since it taught me discipline and the value of not only being fit, but also in tune with my body.

I only recently started competing as a bikini model. For my first two regional competitions I used only NOW products, including Whey Protein Isolate, T-Lean Extreme, Vitamin C, Calcium, Amino Acids, Probiotics, and Digestive Enzymes. I won first place in both events, which qualified me for Junior Nationals. I kept the same supplement regimen and ended up taking 5th place in my first national competition! Competing in bodybuilding shows enables me to meet many different people and I’m often asked what I personally use for nutritional supplementation. I enjoy sharing the success I have had using NOW supplements with others. I feel like this is only the start of my competitive career and I have a lot ahead of me.